Android 2.2 running on iPhone 3G/2G

Here’s an interesting hack.
So your friend has an Android and you have an iPhone and you say to yourself… self… I should have purchased an Android instead of this device they call the iPhone.
Well, if  that is you, fear not! Hackers abroad and below have been busy making it possible to run the Android 2.2 os on your very own iPhone 3G or 2G device.

Although it is in early development and not everything is working quite right IE: No Wi-fi, no phone functionality or power management. It is still a step in the right direction.

A user who calls himself Wizegui has been hard at work putting a Youtube video of the end result together for your viewing pleasure.

If, however, you are the adventurous type and really ant to try this yourself, you can follow the how-to over here:

If you would like to download the binaries for this project, I’ve provided them here:


Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone 4 (via Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News)

A Life Less Analog By Joey Alarilla, Yahoo! Southeast Asia Comparing its design to a "beautiful old Leica camera," Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the next-generation iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Jobs called the iPhone 4 the "thinnest smartphone on the planet." As rumored, the iPhone 4 includes a front-facing video camera, enabling people to make video calls to other iPhone users or to Mac computers. This is throu … Read More

via Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News

Introducing iPhone 4


Here it is! The long awaited, highly anticipated iPhone 4. What else can I say but WOW! As Apple states, “This changes everything. Again”

What are you waiting for? Head over to Apple to check out some of the new features. Just click the image above.

iPhone Firmwares to Download (via iPhone School’s Weblog)

This is great! Sometimes you are just looking for an older firmware but of course when you go back to the download site all you can find is the current version which is of no use at all…
This will save a lot of time searching around for the older firmwares. Should probably download em all and create a library!

Great Job and Thanks!

iPhone Firmwares to Download Here is the list older version of firmware files, as well as the latest one. This is good to keep such list that I can always directly get the firmware file in case I need it. And, for any reasons, you are in search of iPhone firmware files. Here is the list of direct URL for downloading the firmware: iPhone Firmware 1.0.2 iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 iPhone Firmware 2.0 (iPhone 2G) iPhone Firmware 2.0 (iPhone 3G) iPhone Firmware 2 … Read More

via iPhone School’s Weblog

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 5 – Where Art Thou?

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 5

iPhone OS 4.0

 Apple is usually on-top of releasing their betas every second Tuesday, or at least they have been since the 4.0 release came out back in April.

As we watched and waited and waited and watched were slightly miffed to find out that beta 5 was nowhere in sight, atleast not in close sight.

So what does this mean? Could it be? Could it be that with WWDC 2010 less than a week away Apple will make the big announcement and release the real deal?